Writing, education, and creative consulting

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Writing and editing

  • Content writing
  • Resumes, cover letters, profiles
  • Corporate and personal biographies
  • Formatting, proofing, and preparation for publication
  • Marketing materials

Creative consulting

  • Assistance with design of creative content, such as books and presentations
  • Development of storyline, plot, characters, and settings.
  • Full coaching and accountability
  • Project research assistance

Education consulting

  • Development of curricula for education programs of all kinds
  • Design of surveys and needs assessments
  • Specialized tutoring and educational support for all ages and subjects
  • Essay and thesis review and support

Presentation coaching

  • Development of presentation script and flow
  • Design of supporting materials (charts, slideshows, handouts, etc)
  • Presentation skill coaching
  • Constructive practice sessions

Book layout design

  • Book layout and preparation
  • Full proofreading of MS for submission and publication readiness
  • Design of graphic elements, including cover, illustrations, charts, etc
  • Obtaining permissions of outside material

Legacy books

  • Create a lasting memory of a person and an event with a custom composed and designed book.
  • The Legacy Book will feature photographs, images, stories, quotations – everything needed to tell the full tale of a blessed life or event.

“Keith’s patience and attention to detail helped steer my manuscript from good to great.”

Why choose me

Over 20 books completed, 150+ blog entries, numerous short stories and articles published, an amazing attention to detail, and a healthy obsession with language and the creative process


I will provide honest assessment of your work, along with encouragement and detailed recommendations to achieve your goals.


I will be kind and respectful of the work and passion you apply to your projects.


I will bring a full range of educational and writing expertise for you to use as a resource.


I will be fully dedicated to your success. My primary concerns will be for your project to meet your goals and to portray your voice.

Dragon Symphony

In the Kingdom, Dragons keep the peace under the reign of good King Concord.

As his daughter and heir, Princess Allegra, approaches the investiture of her first flight, though, there are forces abroad which will threaten the peace – forces of magic, warfare and court intrigue.


“I felt that Keith was personally invested in my success. He took the time to thoroughly understand what I wanted to communicate before he gave me advice. He was able to help me develop my voice.”

S.S., Chicago IL

“Before when I would write, I felt disoriented, knowing that there was so much I wanted to say but feeling like I couldn’t get the right points across. When I worked with Dr. Mankin, I felt understood and my writing became clear.”

N.V., Durham NC

“Keith was instrumental in helping me write, edit, and self-publish my first book. His knowledge was invaluable to me as a new author with a big vision to share with others. He was patient, thorough and working with him was very easy.”

G.T., Dallas TX

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A Year in Essays – 4/24/2022: Unwritten Rules

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A Year in Essays – 4/9/22: Cricket Calls

A Year in Essays – 4/9/22: Cricket Calls

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