About me


A graduate of Harvard University with an AB in Classics, I continued to medical school at the University of Pittsburgh and training in Orthopaedics in Boston MA. I was a teacher and mentor, both of medical trainees and of school age children for my entire medical career and have been a tutor and mentor since.


Besides my novels, memoirs, and children’s books, I have published numerous short stories and scientific articles, as well as medical textbook chapters. In addition, I have served as a staff writer for Theater Jones Arts Journal in Dallas TX. I have also been a featured reviewer for the LA Review of Books and the New Book Network.


A person’s story is a part of their brand. I believe that everyone has a story that should be told whether it is an autobiography or a science fiction novel. Most importantly, I am firmly committed to each person telling their story in their own strong and recognizable voice.


I have written and taught at every stage of my professional career. My background encompasses everything from fiction to science writing, including children’s novels, fantasy, romance, and action books. I am also an experienced public speaker, presenting hundreds of talks and educational programs.


After a career in pediatric surgery, I changed gears to pursue my passion for the creative arts. Since 2016, I have provided full-service writing and editing services, as well as consulting to help my clients progress through their creative projects. I can help design books or presentations that reflect the unique voice of my clients and provide the coaching and the accountability that they need to see their projects through to a publishable form.

Born in Pittsburgh PA and raised in Boston MA, I am steeped in literature and the written word. I have authored more than twenty novels, four children’s books, and numerous short stories, as well as poems and essays that reflect my array of interests ranging from medical technology to dragons. I have been a staff writer for Theater Jones, a Dallas based online arts periodical, and I am a contributing reviewer for the LA Review of Books and the New Books Network.

In all endeavors, I am an ardent advocate for the importance of the clear expression of the client’s own story. Every client has a voice that is their recognizable brand, as distinctive as their logo or the quality of their work. In my writing and creative consulting, I am dedicated to bringing the client’s voice to the forefront, making it stand out from the crowd.