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Bartholomew's Visit

Seven-year-old Sam expects a humdrum holiday until the family welcomes a wonderful guest. A story of warmth, family, holiday traditions and the unexpected adventures that fill our lives. From the author and the illustrator of Grandpa’s Bees.

Dragon Symphony

In the Kingdom, Dragons keep the peace under the reign of good King Concord. As his daughter and heir, Princess Allegra, approaches the investiture of her first flight, though, there are forces abroad which will threaten the peace – forces of magic, warfare and court intrigue.

Dragon Sonata

The Battle of the Festival Grounds has been won for King Concord of the Dragon Kingdom, but now the war may be starting afresh. He and his daughter, the Princess and Regent Allegra, set off for a tour of the Kingdom which becomes a frantic race for life and freedom against foes both known and unknown. The Second Book of the Dragon Music Series

Changed Lives

As editor

Changed Lives is a memoir of the experiences of a girl from Newcastle who lived through the British evacuations during World War II. It documents the heartfelt dramas and the daily routines that got her and her companions through such a remarkable experience.

Scars: More Than Skin Deep

As editor

Scars tell the story of our lives, and everyone has at least one. ‘The Scar Lady’, Doctor Jennifer Melancon presents a new book that will help youimprove your scar tissue and change your life, without invasive procedures.

The Ergonomics of Life

As editor

The Ergonomics of Life surprises with deep wisdom at its root and innovative strategies on every page. Offbeat witticisms sneak themselves into each chapter as Gunner’s broad background connects wellness with success in every area of life. Forget rigid notions you have about ergonomics, nutrition, and productivity. The Ergonomics of Life empowers you to live the life you want to lead with balance and finesse, not drudgery and stress.

Letters Home: A Journey into Recovery

As editor

On Easter 2013, Neal Williams was incarcerated for a series of charges stemming from his long-standing substance abuse. He felt that he had bottomed out, caught between heading into darkness forever or finally lifting himself up. The choice he made, to recover his life, has been a difficult and challenging one, helped by a strong network of love and support especially from his father, Rex. Through letters shared between the two men throughout Neal’s confinement, this book documents the struggles and the slow painful steps to start on the road to recovery.

Sip & Run: From Stuck to Significant

As editor

Many people are looking for purpose, meaning, & significance in their lives. Sip & Run is a Well-Paced, inspiring devotional that takes you on a Journey to Discovering & Living your BEST life.

Eve: A Romance

As editor

Set in the Garden of Eden, “Eve” explores the awakening of human knowledge and the first fumbling attempts at emotion. With her trusty snake at her side, the heroine strives to form a better life in Paradise for herself and her mate.

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A Year in Essays – 4/24/2022: Unwritten Rules

A Year in Essays – 4/24/2022: Unwritten Rules

 A lot of talk about unwritten rules in sports lately. I have to laugh about the hypocritical purity of anyone talking about the “gentle” arts of professional sport. We are long past the time when we can pretend that pro sports are about anything but making the...

A Year in Essays – 4/9/22: Cricket Calls

A Year in Essays – 4/9/22: Cricket Calls

Let’s talk some cricket – four words I never thought I’d say. Cricket is my new fascination, having discovered a channel on my cable package that shows the sport (or commentary about it) 24 hours a day.In point of fact, my fascination goes back much further. In 1978,...

A Year in Essays – 3/7/22: Comic Culture

I found a picture of one of the bookcases in the now gone Comics Room at my parents’ house on Dean Road. The shelves are crowded with eighteen surprisingly neat piles of our treasured books, most with covers torn or corners lost, all pored over, memorized, and loved....

A Year in Essays: 2/25/22 – Cruel War

There is an unsettled disquiet about a war, even in another part of the world, even not fully involving us. We know it is there in the images of people hiding in dugout spaces, perched with guns in the snow on ruined walls. We feel it reverberating in the blare of...

A Year in Essays: 2/22/22 – Happy Twos-Day

Today the world went collectively gaga over an accident of the calendar. On “Twos-day,” 2/22/22, the true superstitious underpinnings of our society were on full display. People got married in droves (“two-by-two” I guess), celebrated the births of auspicious...

A YEAR IN ESSAYS: 2/13/22 – Something Big

Another Super Bowl. I’ve seen them all, you know, some with more interest than others. Although I can recall little about the first one in 1967 (not even called the Super Bowl then), I do remember my brother David’s incredible excitement. Somehow, he was a Green Bay...

A YEAR IN ESSAYS: 2/9/2022: Olympic Ideals

In the ancient world, the Olympics were a quadrennial time of truce. States laid down their weapons to allow the athletes to come together for open if not friendly competition. That’s the myth at least. Now during two separate Olympic cycles the bully leader of Russia...