Writing and editing

  • Content writing
  • Blog posts
  • Visual presentations (PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Ghost writing
  • Resume and cover letters
  • Corporate and personal biographies

My writing is carefully crafted to reflect your voice and your ideals. Allow me to help you find the most effective words to express your message.

Creative consulting

How do you want your story to look and sound? Is there a book you want to write? A presentation you want to give? An online space to fill with your thoughts and experiences? If you have the beginnings of an idea, I can help you develop it into a finished and publishable product.

I can help with all of the following:

  • Idea brainstorming and development
  • Constructive guidance and coaching
  • Setting a timeline and holding you to it
  • Complete finish editing and proofing
  • Formatting and production

Let me help you pursue your goals and find your full voice.

Presentation coaching

Podium presentations and spotlight talks establish you as a thought leader in your field. I can help create and present talks that make you stand out.

My services include:

  • Development, organization, and scripting of the talk
  • Design and production of presentation materials (slide shows, graphics, handouts, etc.)
  • Skill training for effective public speaking
  • Plenty of constructive practice sessions


With more than thirty years’ experience in education, including numerous course directorships, I can help develop, design, and execute all forms of educational programs from Value-add Lectureships to Expert Conferences. I believe in fully integrated content and curriculum. My services also include creating feedback media (surveys, questionnaires, etc.) to measure the effectiveness of your programming.

I also provide specialized tutoring and educational support locally (in the Dallas TX area) or online. I can work with any age range from 1st grade through college level in most subjects. Special needs students are welcome. I also have programs for employment readiness for adults (math, reading skills, etc.).

Legacy books

Your story, whether it is a tale of children born, lovers united or a loved one passed, should be preserved and cherished.

A Legacy Book is a way to have a hard copy record of the time that is passing. We join your pictures with quotes, beloved poetry and timeless tales to commemorate whatever you feel is important in your life.

A Legacy Book is more than a keepsake. It is a treasure trove of memories that can be passed around and cherished by the whole family.

Contact us for information or to sample the delicate delight of a narrative of your life.

Legacy books